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Dear Transgender Activists – Thoughts from the Million March

Dear Transgender Activists, Today was the Million March. I know some of you were concerned about that. But calling parents fascists doesn’t make them like you. It just gives them further reason to believe that your cause is not worth contemplating. Do you know what else doesn’t work? Debating. Why not? Because people don’t make decisions based on logic, they make decisions based on their feelings. If you...

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Million March Protest – Let’s have conversations instead

A few reflections leading in to tomorrow’s protests… A few years ago, I watched a teacher get cancelled at a local school board meeting. She was presenting on age-appropriate reading material, and the chair shut her down on the grounds of transphobia and hate. I wasn’t watching live—back then school board meetings were not the reality television show that they are today. This teacher didn’t...

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Why do we need Sex Segregated Chess?

This summer I’ve been preparing for my fall video series tackling the controversial transgender topics of sports, prisons and washrooms. Each of these raise their own considerations, but they all bring forward the common question of when and where it’s appropriate to segregate activities or space on a sex-based criteria. And now over the last few days the entire world has been talking about another sex...

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