Playlist - Alotta Thoughts Podcast

Alotta Thoughts with Julia Malott Episode 1 – A conversation with Catherine Kronas and Chanel Pfahl

In this pilot episode, Julia joins Catherine Kronas and Chanel Pfahl to discuss hot-topic matters in current transgender politics. Washrooms and language take centre stage in this intimate conversation, as well as pronouns and politics.

This episode is the first of a two-episode set that encompasses the entire evening of conversation.

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Alotta Thoughts Podcast Episode 2 – Catherine Kronas and Chanel Pfahl

A continuation of the conversation from Episode 1 with Chanel Pfahl and Catherine Kronas.

In Episode 1, Julia, Chanel and Catherine explore hot-topic transgender discussions like washrooms, pronouns and whether transgender women are women. Continuing on that discussion, this episode take a decisive shift into the more intimate topics of transphobia, relationships and authenticity.

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Alotta Thoughts Podcast Episode 3 – Pronouns, Classical Liberalism and Trans Hot Topics

In this lively conversation, I am joined by Catherine Kronas, Eva Kurilova, Neil Dorin and Lois Cardinal to take a deep dive into Pronouns, Classical Liberalism, and a discussion around current political discourse on gender matters. I was really excited to have this conversation and it certainly didn’t disappoint. After my first discussion with Chanel and Catherine and the backlash from radical feminists...

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Alotta Thoughts Podcast – Episode 4 – A Gender Critical Conversation with Audra Facinelli

In this week’s episode I had the pleasure to sit down with Audra Facinelli to discuss gender critical perspectives around transgender matters. Audra came to my attention in April 2022 when I made a video discussing a Twitter post she made about adult gender transitions. I later learned that she almost blocked me when I posted my video, but instead she thoughtfully engaged with my perspective and responded...

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