Playlist - Gender Identity Education

My Friend Celina is a School Board Trustee Candidate

Usually in these videos I rant about sex, gender and ideology and other topics about why no one can seem to get along these days. But today, I want to talk about someone who, from my experience, has the gift of getting along with everyone, and that is my friend Celina Close. Celina is a Human Resources professional, a Yoga Instructor and mother of two in Halton Region, and she’s currently running for...

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Carolyn Burjoski and the Case for Age Appropriate Books

Transgender matters have been in the news a lot recently and there are an increasing number of cases that will be hitting our courts in the coming months. There have been cases about sports and washrooms and attire to be worn at graduation ceremonies. But I don’t want to talk about any of those today because I want to discuss a matter that’s important from a legal perspective and also close to my heart...

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