Playlist - Pronouns

A series of videos exploring the complexity of gendered pronouns for transgender and non-transgender individuals.

We’ve Gone Pronoun Mad (Part 1)

We need to talk about Pronouns. We shouldn’t need to, but this has become such a hot topic that it’s pretty difficult not to tackle this one straight on. Over the last two months I’ve done a few podcast episodes exploring diverse perspectives on pronoun usage. In the most recent episode Catherine Kronas, Eva Kurilova, Neil Dorin, Lois Cardinal and I tackled this topic direectly. That episode will be...

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Fixating on Pronouns Is Bad For Transgender People

We need to talk about pronouns, and how we’ve let a tiny part of speech become this toxic cesspool that prevents us from talking to one another. This is the second part of a three-part series on pronouns. Alotta Thoughts #13 – We’ve gone Pronoun Mad (Pronouns Part 1) took a look at a flyer from my daughter’s school which gives children horrible advice to never assume someone’s pronouns, even based on their...

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Pronouns Should Not Be Made Into Compelled Speech

This is the third video in a series exploring pronouns and the silly mess we’ve made of something that really should not be a big deal at all. In the first part I looked at the bad advice schools are promoting that centralize pronouns by always announcing and inquiring on someone’s pronouns. I explored how we are creating an environment where we are teaching children that pronouns are core to their...

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