Author - Julia Malott

Julia Malott is a Canadian based transgender individual who advocates for bridging the gap between diverse viewpoints on gender identity and ideology. Julia is the host of Alotta Thoughts Podcast which features bi-weekly long form discussions exploring the complexity of sex and gender.

Cancel Culture, Virtue Signalling, and Moral Outrage

This is NOT the video that I intended to record today, but something has come up and I really want to address it while it’s fresh.I woke up this morning at 6:00am in Clear Springs Maryland en route to Fairfax, Virginia. Amid hotel breakfast and packing suitcases, one thing remained constant to my usual routine: I checked Twitter to discover I’d been tagged in a ‘call out’ post looking for me to ‘condemn’...

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Protesting Drag Story Hour Shouldn’t Be Illegal

Yesterday I released a video about drag queen storytime for children. If you haven’t seen that video yet, there’s a link in the comments.  Go watch it first then come back here. I’ll wait for you. Like so many topics, there will be disagreement and differences of opinions and it’s so important that we can discuss and express those disagreements. That is the common theme throughout all of my videos. I...

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Drag Is Not a Gender Identity

I’ve been putting this video off for a long time. I don’t want to touch this topic. It’s a very charged topic, and for the most part I try to stay out of this controversy. Actually… I’ve also avoided this topic because for the life of me I can’t figure out why this is controversial at all. It perplexes me that so many people are willing to stand in defense of this behaviour. It escapes me. But I guess...

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Alotta Thoughts with Julia Malott Episode 1 – A conversation with Catherine Kronas and Chanel Pfahl

In this pilot episode, Julia joins Catherine Kronas and Chanel Pfahl to discuss hot-topic matters in current transgender politics. Washrooms and language take centre stage in this intimate conversation, as well as pronouns and politics.

This episode is the first of a two-episode set that encompasses the entire evening of conversation.

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Censorship at OCDSB School Board Meeting

This past Tuesday, a parent’s presentation at the Ottawa Carleton school board was abruptly cut short when a Trustee declared that the presentation was harmful. This parent was questioning washroom usage for transgender students at their daughter’s school. Censorship at Ontario school boards is not new. Last year, a teacher brought a presentation about age-appropriate books to the Waterloo District School...

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Transparently Project Episode 1 – Truth and Love

Join Cristina and Julia in a journey of essential conversations. These two brave women delve into the complexities of society today and our freedoms within it, prying open topics that many shy away from. Through heartfelt and thought-provoking discussions, they showcase the power of talking it out and finding unity within diversity. Their conversation proves that what’s mentionable is manageable, and...

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